Over the past few months, our team has been working closely with technology partners to establish our first ever full service Virtual Clinic!

The Virtual Clinic will provide members of Porter Trust access to full primary care services via our virtual care system. The center is staffed with a full time RN in order to provide care and assist with connecting individuals to other care providers. Patients will receive all of the benefits of a fully staffed wellness center which includes lab draws, medication dispensing and primary care visits.

The Virtual Clinic is capable of providing 90% of the services that our current clinics provide. The system is equipped with a full suite of medical devices which transmit information to a care provider, thus offering the ability to treat patients for acute visits as well as consultations to manage chronic issues.

The virtual care center is an effort to provide greater access to clinical services while creating the best patient experience possible. Wellness for Life is extremely excited to bring this service to East Chicago Schools and Porter Trust members.

For more information: http://healthcare-redefined.com/virtualclinic/

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