If you are like most people, then you will reach for your next cup of Joe the moment you begin to fall into a mid-day lethargic slump. The quick energy booster, caffeine, is an effective pick me up indeed, however, this has resulted in more adults becoming dependent on coffee, resulting in upping the amount of coffee they consume on a daily basis. Here are five chemical free energy boosters that are easy to adopt into your daily routine and can help you cut down on your daily coffee intake.

Cold Shower

Coffee occupies a prime spot in the breakfast meal among most adults. This is because caffeine can jump start your day by driving away morning sluggishness. A prime alternative to coffee, which helps beat morning tiredness just as effectively, is a cold shower. You can start by turning on the hot water to a temperature that suits your preference, then gradually reduce the water temperature until the water is cold. You can then reverse this process to spray warm water. Repeat these cycles multiple times, but make sure to end with cold water.

Chew a piece of gum

A 2012 study form the UK showed that chewing gum for just 15 minutes can increase heart rate, thus pumping more blood to the brain. Chewing gum also activates the autonomic nervous system, which in turn will make you feel more alert. It is recommended that you choose a mint flavored gum as it stimulates the nerve fibers.

Open those blinds

Research shows that people who spend more time in the sun are less fatigued than those who spend time in the dark. Eyes that are exposed to natural light send signals to the areas of the brain responsible for keeping you alert, according to a Dutch study. Even simple changes like opening the blinds or spending a few minutes outside can do wonders for you.

Plan your meals

It is recommended that you eat several small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. When you consume large meals the blood flow to the digestive system increases, thus depriving your brain of optimal oxygenated blood. This in turn will manifest as tiredness or fatigue. Splitting your food intake throughout the day will ensure that your body gets tiny boost of energy at regular intervals, thus ensuring that you are at your maximum performance efficiency.

Make sure to include enough whole grains into your diet. Processed white floor will spike your energy almost instantaneously, but will also bring you crashing down just as fast. However, including too much of whole grains is also harmful as it increases production of serotonin which will make you drowsy.

Stay active

It is no secret that being physically active can get your blood pumping and is sure to wake you up! Incorporating simple bodyweight exercises into your morning routine can give you the endorphin rush that is needed to get through an otherwise sluggish morning. If you are feeling tired at work, and are unable to drop down and belt out 20 pushups, you can simply stand up and take a brisk walk around your cubicle. This is enough to get your heart rate up, thus increasing blood flow to your brain which will drive away tiredness in an instant. Walking is also an excellent way to eliminate sugar craving!



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