The former storage facility that sits on the Brown County School’s athletics field is undergoing a transformation. It will soon be known as the Brown County Community Health and Wellness Center.

Laura Hammack, the superintendent of Brown County Schools says employees using the school’s coverage will be able to use the healthcare clinic and receive free services.

“Blood draws, any sort of labs, if you have a cold, if you are not feeling well, if you have a burn,” Hammack says. “Typical things you would see your GP for, we will be able to provide all of that here in the clinic.”

Hammack says teachers often travel to Bloomington, Columbus or even Indianapolis for services because there aren’t many other options. She says it will save time for employees, while cutting costs.

“It makes it amazing for our teachers because they don’t have to take a full day and we don’t have to get a sub for them,” she says. “They’re able to run down here have their appointment and run back within an hour.”

But the clinic isn’t limited to school employees. Other Brown County residents can pay a 65 dollar monthly fee for services.

“Here in Brown County we have a whole lot of employers that employ folks on a part time basis, so this is a wonderful way for employers to offer health benefit services for a very low cost,” Hammack says.

Hammack says the school district is funding the facility. Wellness For Life, a private clinic provider will manage the healthcare facility. It’s set to open Jan. 23.

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