The Covington Wellness Clinic is expanding.

It started in April of 2015 with just four entities, and it’s grown to more than 10. It’s seeking more businesses to take advantage of the healthcare.

Jason Beck has been leading the charge since the beginning. He’s the human resources director for Steel Grip and on the Covington School Board, both of which were original members, along with the Fountain County and Seeger schools.

“It’s a newer concept in health care,” he said. It’s open to just businesses for their employees, not just individuals. Businesses can have just one employee or tens of thousands.

The idea was to better serve employees’ health needs, he said. It’s under the umbrella of Wellness for Life, which is based out of Terre Haute, but it has services all over Indiana, Illinois, Virginia and Colorado, he said. He said he’s continuing to talk to area businesses not just in Indiana but also Illinois, for example Danville.

“It started with three goals: to give employees more affordable health care, save money for businesses and it’s good for the community,” Beck said.

There’s a nurse practitioners and staff at the site two days a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays. He said it soon will be open another day, and a goal is to have it open five days a week.

There are two different models businesses can take, he said. One is one that larger businesses, those with 50-100 employees, usually take, and that is to pay a lump sum once a year and then be billed an administrative fee and supply cost. The other is where the employer is charged a flat $65 a month per member.

“it’s easy billing, very generic.”

Beck said employers can offer it to families of employees as well.

The cost to the employee is determined by the employers, the wellness clinic has no say in the employee cost.

He said the program is so new that one opportunity hasn’t been taken advantage of much. Retirees can continue their services through the clinic for a fee.

One of the advantages of taking part in this clinic, he said, is the guarantee of getting an appointment and timely medication refills. One of the reasons this clinic was started was to save on the lost time employees take from work.

Plus, he said, the employees do not have to give up their primary care physicians. He said the clinic offers a wide range of services: office visits, immunizations, flu shots, lab work, and roughly 100 medications that can be issued to patients at no charge to them. There are women’s services and CDL exams offered.

And, he said, the plan is to continue to grow the number of services.

The nurse practitioner has no ties to any hospital or doctor network, and is available to offer doctor suggestions and second opinions, Beck said.

“It’s the most bang for the buck for employers to offer their employees.”

The Covington Wellness Clinic is located at 415 Union St.

To learn more about joining the clinic, contact Beck at 765-585-2080.

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