Markers Measured:

  • Iron, serum

Iron Test

Your body relies on iron in red blood cells to carry oxygen to all its cells. Your physician may order a ferritin test (iron test) if he/she suspects you’re experiencing an iron deficiency or an iron overload, they. This measures the amount of stored iron in your body, which can give your physician an overall picture of your iron levels.

Symptoms associated with low iron levels like unexplained fatigue, dizziness, chronic headaches, unexplained weakness, ringing in your ears, irritability, leg pains, and shortness of breath. High iron levels cause symptoms such as stomach pain, heart palpitations or chest pains, unexplained weakness, joint pain and unexplained fatigue. In either scenario your physician may order a ferritin test.

Iron levels can also increase as a result of damage to your organs, such as the liver and spleen. The test can also be used to monitor your overall health, particularly if you have an iron-related condition that causes you to have too much or too little iron in your blood.

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