Markers Measured:

  • Magnesium, serum

Magnesium Test

A mineral, important to the functioning of your body, Magnesium plays a role in more than 300 of your body’s biochemical reactions like helping regulate blood pressure and your heartbeat and helping maintain bone strength.

It’s possible to have too much magnesium. In rare cases, magnesium overdoses can lead to cardiac arrest and death. While it’s rare to overdose on magnesium through food alone, magnesium overdose may be due to taking too many magnesium supplements. However, you might need to take supplements if you have certain conditions such as diabetes, alcoholism, or an issue absorbing nutrients. You may also take them if you have low potassium and calcium levels in your blood.

Your physician may order serum magnesium test if he/she suspects that your magnesium level is too low or too high. This test may also be ordered if you have chronic low potassium and calcium levels as Magnesium plays a role in regulating the calcium and potassium levels in your body. This test may also be necessary if your physician thinks you might have a malabsorption or malnutrition problem. You may have this test regularly if you have diabetes or kidney problems.

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