Wellness For Life and Vital Incite Partner to improve Population Health Management through Direct Primary Care Clinics

Data-driven, primary care-centric approach to reduce medical spend, improve health outcomes, and optimize care delivery.

Terre Haute, IN.—December 4, 2017:  Wellness for Life, one of the leading Direct Primary Care and employee health organizations, has partnered with Vital Incite, an Indianapolis based population health solutions provider.  Through this partnership, Wellness for Life aims to further empower clinicians with comprehensive insight into their patients’ health and utilization patterns.  Vital Incite’s expertise will allow Wellness for Life to mine complex data from disparate sources and translate it into meaningful and actionable clinical targets.  As a result, the two organizations expect a significant reduction in financial waste and an improvement in health outcomes.  The joint effort is intended to further accelerate a shift by employers and health plans toward value-based healthcare and away from the wasteful fee-for-service environment.

The Healthcare Industry produces countless data that could be useful in optimizing care delivery.  Unfortunately, the sources of such data are disjointed, use different coding languages, and are often held in secrecy instead of being shared with other providers to help improve care.

“With more than 35,000 active patients, continuing to innovate and improve our population health strategies is crucial.” said Igor Kozunov, Chief Executive Officer at Wellness for Life.  “Many developers claim to have an analytics solution.  We’ve looked under the hood – most don’t go nearly deep enough and use questionable methods.  Coming across Vital Incite was a breath of fresh air.  In our opinion, Vital Incite is the best actionable analytics platform on the market today.”

Wellness for Life got its start in building Direct Primary Care and on-site and near-site clinics.  The company’s strategy today is to extend its reach further up the healthcare continuum and provide a “quarterback” function to employers and health plans looking to shift toward accountable, value-based healthcare.

“Our partnership with Vital Incite enables us to expand on current clinic and cost management strategies for our clients.  We’re putting powerful tools in the hands of skilled clinicians to manage patients better, analyzing the entire plan to look for additional areas of opportunity for savings and drastically improving our ability to document the health and cost impact for our clients.  This is the most exciting piece of tech we’ve been involved with yet” said Justin Leigh, Chief Operating Officer at Wellness for Life.

He further added, “Our management philosophy is based on ‘what gets measured, gets managed’ – Vital Incite uses the John Hopkins ACG® Model, an industry standard; which further enables us to accurately measure, evaluate and improve our strategies.  Our aim has always been to not only improve primary care, but to drive the entire care continuum toward better health outcomes.  Vital Incite allows us to do just that.”

The John Hopkins ACG® System, an industry standard in risk adjustment and predictive modeling software, captures the morbidity burden of patients and can be used to illustrate or predict a populations’ past or future health care utilization and costs.  It has multiple applications in terms of population health management, performance and financial analysis and care management.

Vital Incite is a health care consulting firm that offers health plans strategic insight into their healthcare utilization patterns.  Vital Incite’s technologies and expertise allow health plans to strategically align resources and incentives to help optimize plan utilization, and guide patients and providers toward the most effective and cost-efficient clinical pathways and therapies.

“Identifying the risk and what needs to happen to improve the health and spend has proven to be the easy part of what Vital Incite provides.  The next step is to find service providers that are willing refine their product to meet the unique needs of each employer population. We are excited to work with such a willing partner and look forward to seeing the results they can generate.” said Mary Delaney, Managing Director of Vital Incite.

About Wellness For Life, LLC

Wellness for Life Medical, LLC is a rapidly growing health and benefits services organization headquartered in Indiana.  The company operates Direct Primary Care Clinics and On-Site and Near-Site employer- sponsored primary care clinics across the Country.    Wellness for Life Clinics provide a full scope of family medicine services, occupational health, medication dispensing, and diagnostics.  Its patients enjoy open access to care, disease management, and preventative services, free of wait times and co-pays.

Wellness for Life primary care methodology is designed to serve as a Risk Management Platform for employers and help them transition toward value-based plan design and purchasing.  Wellness for Life clinics serve as primary care-centric coordination and information hubs that leverage modern technologies, actionable analytics, and effective clinical pathways to optimize health plan design and help employers achieve vastly improved clinical and financial outcomes.

For information on Wellness For Life, visit www.healthcare-redefined.com

About Vital Incite

Headquartered in Indiana, Vital Incite delivers data-driven strategies designed to identify and improve medical spend waste, allowing employers to reinvest in the correct resources that will improve employee health.

To learn more about Vital Incite, visit https://vitalincite.com/


Wellness for Life
Justin Leigh
Chief Operating Officer

Vital Incite
Mary Delaney, MS, PT, CWP
Managing Director

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